1. Bullet  Wednesday, September 21, 8pm: The Great American Music Hall with The Blank Tapes, The Range of Light Wilderness, and Hurray for the Riff Raff (featuring Sam Doores)

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Past Shows

  1. Bullet  Friday, August 19, 9pm: Café Du Nord (San Francisco, CA) with Sea of Bees and Rachel Fannan

  2. Bullet  Friday, July 15, 9pm: The Vortex Room (San Francisco, CA) with Will Sprott (of the Mumlers)

  3. Bullet  Thursday, June 23, 9pm: Viracocha (San Francisco, CA) with Matt Bauer (NY) and Ramon & Jessica

  4. Bullet  Friday, May 13, 9pm: The Sleeping Lady (Fairfax, CA) with Dylan Flynn & the Ace of Cups

  5. Bullet  Saturday, April 16, 6pm: Slide Ranch Spring Fling (Muir Beach, CA) with Dylan Flynn

  6. Bullet  Tuesday, April 12, 9pm: Café Du Nord (San Francisco, CA) with Ólöf Arnalds

  7. Bullet  Monday, February 14, 2011: Café Du Nord (San Francisco, CA) - Album Release Show with Magic Leaves & Honeycomb

  8. Bullet  Wednesday, January 19, 2011: Viracocha (San Francisco, CA) with Foxtails Brigade and Jascha Hoffman

  9. Bullet  Monday, September 13, 2010: Café Du Nord (San Francisco, CA) with Sam Amidon

  10. Bullet  Thursday, July 8, 2010: The Redwood Grove (Berkeley, CA) with Ed Masuga & That Blasted Hound

  11. Bullet  Thursday, April 19, 2010: The Hemlock Tavern (San Francisco, CA) with Emily Jane White & Hélène Renaut

  12. Bullet  Thursday, October 22, 2009: Bluesix Gallery with Neal Morgan, Hélène Renaut, and Jen Grady

  13. Bullet  Thursday, September 24, 2009: The Redwood Grove (Berkeley, CA) with Hélène Renaut, & Jen Grady

  14. Bullet  Thursday, August 27, 2009: The Hotel Utah (San Francisco, CA) - “Roots & Ruckus” with Samuel Doores, Alynda Lee (Hurray for the Riff Raff), Feral Foster (NY), Willy Gantrim (NY), and Blind Boy Paxton

  15. Bullet  Friday, August 7, 2009: Channing House (Berkeley, CA) with Hetch Hetchy & Timothy Rabbit

  16. Bullet  Monday,  July 20, 2009: Café Du Nord (San Francisco, CA) - Mission Creek Music Festival w/ Miranda Lee Richards, Emily Jane White, & Hélène Renaut

  17. Bullet  Friday, March 20, 2009: Adobe Books (San Francisco, CA) with the Woodlands (Portland) & Hélène Renaut

  18. Bullet  Wednesday, March 18, 2009: The Sleeping Lady (Fairfax, CA)

  19. Bullet  Thursday, March 5, 2009: The Hot Spot (Oakland, CA) with Ash Reiter & This Frontier Needs Heroes (Brooklyn)

  20. Bullet  Saturday, January 10, 2009: Bookbeat Café (Fairfax, CA) with Samuel Doores, Dylan Flynn, & Jordan Hyde

  21. Bullet  Sunday, September 21, 2008: The Hemlock Tavern (San Francisco, CA) with Sean Smith & Hélène Renaut

  22. Bullet  Saturday, September 6, 2008: Channing House (Berkeley, CA) with Chris Chu (Morning Benders), Hetch Hetchy & Timothy Rabbit

  23. Bullet  Saturday, August 2, 2008: Church Key Manor (Oakland, CA) with Emily Jane White, Bad Mitten Orchestre (Portland), & Blue Rabbit

  24. Bullet  Friday, July 11, 2008: The Red Vic (San Francisco, CA)

  25. Bullet  Wednesday, July 2, 2008: The Make Out Room (San Francisco, CA) - The Penny Arcade with Homesick Elephant (LA)

  26. Bullet  Friday, June 13, 2008: Mama Buzz Café (Oakland, CA) with Jacob Perkins and the Nobody & Mountain Bride

  27. Bullet  Thursday, November 9, 2006: The Red Vic (San Francisco, CA) with Pat Parra

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